All Floor Prep offers a clean and efficient concrete grinding service. Our dual motor vacuums ensure there is as little dust as possible. Whether you have bare concrete or an adhesive residue that needs to be removed, our grinders and wide array of diamonds can handle the task.


Concrete grinding is used to smooth, clean, and level concrete slab surfaces.  It is carried out using rotating diamond teeth discs.  It can remove coatings from concrete slab surfaces – whether that is paint, old waterproofing membranes, or any type of glue or adhesive.  Concrete grinding is also used to smooth out uneven areas in concrete slabs and to prepare the surface for levelling compound.

If you are renovating and have already removed your old flooring, there will likely be adhesive left behind on the concrete subfloor.  This needs to be removed so that your new flooring can be installed successfully.

Your concrete slab needs to be clean but also level before you can apply any adhesive floor covering.  To create a strong bond with floor coverings like tiles, vinyl, timber, or cork the slab needs to be smooth, level, and porous. The durability of the new floor covering will be affected if there is any old residue left between the new adhesive and the concrete so proper preparation is essential.

The costs of levelling a floor can be reduced by carrying out concrete grinding first.



    The team at All Floor Prep are specialists in this area and have extensive experience and industry knowledge of all the suitable concrete grinding methods for different slab types and for various floor preparation requirements.  This ensures the process is carried out efficiently and effectively.

    This is a dirty and dusty job – there’s no denying that fact. When grinding indoors, we ensure dust is kept to a minimum with the use of our industrial vacuums and dust sheets.

    We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of work and endevour to leave each job smooth, clean, and ready for floor coverings to be applied.

    By using experienced concrete grinding professionals like All Floor Prep you can feel confident that the job will be completed to the correct standard, on time and on budget.

    Our team are friendly, helpful, and easy to work with.



    The durability and affordability of concrete sealing makes it one of our popular services among our commercial, industrial, and residential customers.  All Floor Prep can transform your concrete flooring (whether an old or new slab) into a stylish feature at your home or business.

    Concrete sealing involves two stages – grinding and sealing.

    First, the concrete is ground down to the chosen aggregate exposure level (from stones highly visible to non-exposed).  If there are any defects in the slab these are repaired along the way – including small holes or cracks.  The floor is then ground again with finer diamonds to make sure it is smooth and level.

    If you want to change the colour of the concrete then dye/stain can be applied.  If you want a super smooth surface like glass then the surface can be grouted at this point.

    Second, a high-grade concrete sealant is applied to give that beautiful finish – high gloss, semi-gloss, or matt. We can also add grip to the sealant when we apply it for our clients who need a non-slip matt surface esp for workplace flooring. Then end result is a durable finish that will last for years.


    Concrete epoxy coatings provide chemical resistance, water-resistance, and easy maintenance & cleaning – making this a great choice for our commercial and industrial clients. Various colours can be used also.  It is a great choice for residential clients also especially for garage floors & driveway areas.

    The process is similar to general concrete sealing.  We grind the floor to prepare the surface – making sure it is smooth and even.  Then the epoxy coating is applied – made up of a base and curing agent.  This epoxy resin dries very hard into an excellent durable surface.  Again, grit can be added if required for a non-slip surface.


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