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Use of Lactoguard™ at Bombay Underglass to repair and resurface concrete

Bombay Underglass had a sub-standard concrete floor which was severely eroding and causing health and safety issues and also expensive damage to equipment.  They needed their concrete floor to withstand heavy machinery for picking tomatoes and cucumbers without the worry of tipping and causing workplace accidents. 

All-Floor-Prep recommended grinding out the damaged substrate and an application of an epoxy resin to bond, followed by an epoxy quartz filler to level the concrete substrate.  This process took a week to complete, with no disruption to the workplace with no vapours or odours in the picking environment as a result.

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Use of Lactoguard™ in Dairy Farming and industrial flooring

Below you can clearly see the lactose erosion problems this dairy had and how treating the area with Lactoguard™ has controlled the environment.

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Concrete Floor Diamond Grinding

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