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Lactoguard™  is an extremely durable and hard wearing coating that not only repairs unsightly and unhygienic pitting in cow shed dairies and around vat stands, but also generally all over the milking plant and yards.  Lactoguard™ will transform these unsightly areas into fantastic looking, safe working areas that are hygienic, easily cleaned and are unaffected by lactose, alkali and acid erosion.

If a slip resistant surface is required where cattle are vulnerable to slipping and falling,  Lactoguard™ is highly recommended as the coating system, especially outside milking bales. Walls are also able to be coated with a Lactoguard™ vertical coating system to produce an easily cleaned, wash down surface with a high MPA coating strength.  Unsightly cracks and voids in all areas of the plant are easily repaired with our Lactoguard™ epoxy quartz filler!

Lactoguard™ is a truly unique product to the market. There is simply nothing like it out there! Formulated and developed here in New Zealand, it is unlike other inferior cement-based products on the market. Choose Lactoguard™  to totally withstand ALL moisture and lactose erosion ie milk and milk products, acids and alkalis.  It will not delaminate over time, saving you money (ie penalties), down- time and hassles.

All Lactoguard™ Epoxy systems come with a 2 year guarantee.
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