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All-Floor-Prep Ltd offer a complete range of flooring solutions for home and commercial applications.  We can handle every part of your project from start through to completion - from the removal of an old floor covering,  to the diamond grinding and leveling, repairing and restoration of a floor through to sanding, polishing, staining and sealing. 

We are flooring craftsman and extremely passionate about what we do and we pride ourselves on our impeccable reputation in the flooring industry.  We use only the very latest equipment and state of the art products so that we get the best possible finish to your floor,  with a minimum of disruption to your home, office or workplace. 

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Wooden Flooring
Concrete Floors
Commercial Flooring
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Farming - Milking Shed & Dairy Farm Treatments
Marine - Boat Hull Treatment and Repair
Waterproofing Floors