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Waterproofing and moisture barriers

Concrete Waterproofing

All-Floor-Prep Ltd specalise in the preparation and application of epoxy moisture barriers to damp concrete areas.  We do this by mechanically opening up the substrate, applying tanking bandages and the specified epoxy barrier to accommodate overlayments eg. carpets, vinyls, corks, self levelling products, paint, timbers etc.  By sealing the concrete like this, it effectively avoids any expensive blow ups or failures later. All our flooring preparation work and the sealants that we use are guaranteed to prevent moisture erosion.

All our moisture barrier systems are designed for use in Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications.

All-Floor-Prep have an impeccable reputation for their expertise and craftsmanship in Concrete flooring.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we always work closely with our customers throughout the process so that we can deliver on their vision, time frame and on budget.

If in doubt about damp areas, it is better to pay a small price up front to have the area moisture tested and have peace of mind before spending thousands of dollars on floor coverings and coatings. We can do a professional moisture evaluation for you!

Please email us for an inspection and moisture test to evaluate your specific situation.