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Boat Hull Osmosis and Blistering Treatment and Repair

Osmoguard Hull Wrap

osmoguard - osmosis treatment treatment of propeller

After over 5 years of extensive trialing, All- Floor- Prep Ltd, is proud to present Osmoguard - a two component epoxy moisture barrier unlike any other on the market, designed specifically for the marine industry.  It provides an effective solution to costly yet common problems facing many boat and yacht owners:

  • Prevents water absorption in fibreglass (GRP) boat hulls more commonly known as "Osmosis or Osmotic Blistering".

  • Stops dry rot  and,

  • Pin-holing or blistering in fiberglass gel coatings.

  • "Shark Skin Epoxy Coating" halts Marine growth and algae build up on propellers and shafts.

Features of Osmoguard

  • Provides a complete moisture barrier.
  • Low VOC.
  • Extremely hard wearing.
  • Keeps boat hulls watertight.
  • Extremely durable  and,
  • Produces a beautiful surface preparation ready for any anti-fouling process.
  • ''Sharkskin'' propeller and shaft coating for a rigid and extremely hard wearing antifoul.

Benefits of Using Osmoguard

By protecting your boat's hull with Osmoguard you will remove the need for expensive:
  • Wood restoration and repair
  • Osmosis treatment, (if coated with Osmoguard early)
  • Replacement of fibreglass gel coatings


What is the correct preparation procedure before applying Osmoguard over the hull?

Prior to any application the hull is sanded back to a flat surface to remove any adhesion and foreign matter and to provide a solid bond for the epoxy system. We are responsible for all the surface washing and application of the Epoxy.  Boat owners can save on cost by doing their own preparation work.  We will of course need to review the quality of this preparation.

What sort of guarantee do I get with Osmoguard?

We offer a Full 2 year Guarantee -  As long as any preparation is completed correctly by the boat owner

How long does it take to apply Osmoguard and have my vessel ready to go back into the water?

Basically the epoxy application takes 2 days but this does depend on the size of the boat and the amount of preparation work done by the owner prior to application. One coat per day (including preparation time) this does not include the anti-fouling treatment which is the boat owner''s responsibility.  This needs to be applied no later than 48 hours after the second coat of Osmoguard.  This ensures a complete chemical bond.  . 

What will it cost to have my boat sealed with Osmoguard?

Depending on vessel size, prices start from $2200.00 NZD for Hull Wraps and $400.00 NZD for propeller and shaft treatment. 

Can my props and shafts be coated with this product?

Yes, we have a product from the Osmoguard range called Shark Skin, which is applied to the shafts and propellers and an antifoul is applied to the prepared coatings.

Take a look at the following videos

The first video demonstrates the propeller preparation process and the second is the completed boat hull.

What Our Customers Say.....

quoteI had had my boat soda-blasted and I asked All-Floor-Prep to come and re-resin the hull with the Osmoguard  Marine Epoxy System. During the application of the product we did have some unfortunate bad weather between the first and second coats and since my boat was outside it meant we were unable to get the second coat on in the required time to form the chemical bond.  Dene however stood by his word and the boat was stripped back and two further coats were applied all at no extra charge.  He is great to deal with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him!

Rex Swensson, Boat Owner, Auckland

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