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Timber Floors

Wooden and Timber Floors

Wooden Floors have a number of advantages over other types of flooring:
  • Generally need very low maintenance.
  • They fit in with most decors
  • Long lasting and affordable
  • Does not collect as much dust as carpets etc
  • Healthier for people in the home who have allergies

All-Floor-Prep Ltd specialise in all aspects of T & G and all other timber flooring including cork flooring.  We can literally transform your timber or cork flooring whether it is basic pine or imported maple. 

Our scope of work includes the following in the installation, preparation and finishing of timber and wooden floors:

  • Supply and installation of pre-finished wooden flooring  (we do not supply or lay solid timber flooring)
  • Supply and installation of overlayments
  • Removal of vinyl floors, corks flooring, T&G, ceramic tiles, carpets etc and resurfacing the wooden floor ready for new.
  • Filling and repairing the timber floor if required
  • Punching and filling of nail holes and holes in floor
  • Sanding timber or cork to ensure that it is level
  • Fine sanding the timber or cork in preparation for the application of any coatings or sealants.
  • Application of floor stains, epoxy, moisture-cured polyurethanes, water-based polyurethanes or oils.

sanding wooden floor

Once we have completed the project, whether that is the installation of a new timber floor or the renovation/ restoration of an old floor we will leave you with a maintenance programme.  This will show you the best way to clean and care for your wooden floor so that it always looks as good as new.


How much will it cost to prepare, sand and seal my wooden floor and how long will it take?

Costs are generally worked out on a pre-inspection per m2 basis. We always apply 3 coats of polyurethane and costs vary depending upon which type of polyurethane applied is applied (water-based polyurethane is slightly more expensive).  Costs range from $45.00 to $65.00 per m2. It usually takes between 2-5 days depending on the size of the project.   We apply two coats in one day and the final coat on the last day.  Depending on the size of the job also depends on how long it takes to sand.

How do I look after my T&G floor?
Use hot water and methylated spirits, ½ cup of methylated spirits to 1 bucket of hot (not boiling) water.

Will sanding the floor create much dust?

We use the very latest sanding equipment with good dust extraction. Although we take good care to keep dust at a minimum, dust unfortunately is part of the sanding process. We can offer a full house clean after the job is completed at a resonable cost to the customer.

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